We believe that three elements are necessary to create an architectural work:

"Material", with poetry, substantiality. Concrete, stone and wood are the essence of walls, space containers.

"Mere Geometry", that provides presence, structure, to an architectural work.

"Nature", but a rational and organizing one. The light, the sky, green spaces, water are turned into an abstraction. A controlled landscape that embellishes the architectural work.

The structure gains strength and intensity when the integration of the three elements (materials, geometry and nature) is achieved; when the volumes created merge with the interior spaces and the landscape to give rise to such a beautiful piece that can produce feelings and emotions.

This way, since 1987, our studio creates architectural works, interiors and landscapes, always combining the three disciplines and working with, and for, our clients to achieve the most wonderful and functional piece that each one of them needs.


Gabriela Barrionuevo & Adriana Sierchuk, Architects

Architect Roxana Pilotto (associate architect)
Architect Florencia Miglierina
Architect Fabiana Giglio (model maker)

Berra 3015
(B1642FZC) Lomas de San Isidro
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: +54 (11) 4700-8862

163 Tranway Parade, Beaumaris,
3193, Melbourne, Australia

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